Richard Lindley passes away aged 83

Cherished friend, and husband to Carole Stone, passes away aged 83.

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Dec 13, 2019

After attending Richard's funeral last week, Suki exclaimed to me, 'the whole of St Martin-in-the-field church was full! There wasn't a single seat empty.' Having spent my youth attending school Carol services at St Martin's, I was familiar with just how huge this church really is. My entire girls school and both their parents and teachers just about managed to fill up this church. It is extremely telling just how loved Richard was for this entire church to be filled with people wanting to commemorate his life. I had the pleasure of meeting Richard only once, on my first day working at Let's Reset. I was totally overwhelmed and daunted at the prospect of being at Rankin's studio's and having to corral high brow CEO's into their photoshoot. But Richard ,and his wife Carole both put me at ease, asking me about myself and laughing with me over the amount of jelly beans I kept stealing from the glam room snack station. His warmth and cheeky grin were truly infectious, and I feel completely honoured to have met such a kind hearted man. 

After reading about his life and the incredible things he achieved, I am both in awe of him, and saddened that I did not get the chance to ask him more about the things he had achieved. Richard was clearly loved by all, and will be hugely missed. 

His obituary can be found on the link below, and if you didn't know Richard I would definitely suggest giving it a read, as he was truly a remarkable man, and an inspiration to us all.

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Suki Thompson about 1 month ago

Richard, you were a brilliant, lovely and charming man, we will all miss you. Our thoughts and love to you Carol x