Why founder wellbeing is the new metric for startup success July 2019

Weare3Sixty Entrepreneur Pressure & wellbeing Study - Over 270 founders from all across the UK shared their experiences and expectations of what it is like to build a company, highlighting the unique advantages and disadvantages of entrepreneurship, and how we can support wellbeing on the journey .

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Christina Richardson

Co-founder, weare3Sixty

Serial tech-entrepreneur Christina has spent the last decade founding her own startups and helping others do the same. After many years as a tech-entrepreneur she has first-hand experience of the startup rollercoaster and its impact on wellbeing. She founded weare3Sixty to create new era of human-centric support in the startup ecosystem that fuels founders to be their best, most high-performing selves, without sacrificing wellbeing. Christina is an accredited performance coach and entrepreneur trainer; she is also Entrepreneurship Fellow at UCL.
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