How To: Support Mental Health at Work

An accessible, evidence based guide to looking after mental health at work, from the Mental Health Foundation.

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Fiorella Massey

Founding Chair of the Friends of the Mental health foundation , Mental health Foundation

I realised there was a pressing need to take research into action particularly in the mental health arena . Let us all work to find workable solutions, as I am passionate that every person has the capacity to help themselves and others . This led me to found a focus group of likeminded individuals, The Friends of the mental health Foundation (FOF) , to identify preventative measures targeting young people. Collaborating with the Mental Health Foundation is a huge privilege and together we have developed a ground breaking peer to peer initiative teaching mental health literacy and now reaching over 20000 children . Our next step is ensuring that the transition to University is supported with our UOK campaign ( the University of Kindness ) which we have now embarked on .
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