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Reset The Podcast

Discover 'Reset The Podcast' captivating conversations hosted by our founder,  the late  Suki Thompson. Listen to illuminating dialogues with accomplished individuals across the industry who share their transformative experiences and pivotal moments. From overcoming challenges to embracing vulnerability, and from groundbreaking achievements to open discussions about mental wellbeing, Reset the podcast offers empowering stories that provide an intimate glimpse into their unique journeys. Tune in to hear remarkable leaders candidly share personal insights, revelations, and wisdom, offering inspiration for your own path to success

Measure & Track Progress

What is LR+
LR+ is our membership platform that puts wellbeing & performance at your fingertips

Designed to help you take individual accountability for your wellbeing and performance. LR+ embeds wellbeing into your daily working lives using our Let’s Reset framework The 7 needs of wellbeing & performance


Get real time data on the wellbeing of your people as they take the 7 needs test on the app. Creates a  dashboard to measure, and track progress of, employee wellbeing, linking to performance


Inspires people to change their behaviour and improve their wellbeing, energy and performance through our curated content across the 7 needs

Discover Tips, Tools & Advice Through LR+ Content

Example of our content on LR+

Rest, Recharge, Recover:

Thriving in 5-Minute Breaks  


In the busy workplace, it's easy to overlook the crucial needs of your mental wellbeing. But fear not, we have a simple solution - the '5-minute challenge'! Focusing on three powerful concepts - rest, recharge, and recover. This challenge promises to transform your workday and unleash your brain's full potential. 

The Global Workspace theory reveals that we use just 10% of our brain's volume to tackle daily tasks. Like any muscle, our brains need proper care to work optimally. However, the 'always on' culture has made taking breaks seem like a luxury... rather than a necessity. 

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