Employees in the West Midlands revealed to be happiest in the UK

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This year’s ‘State of Workplace Happiness’ report by Engaging Works reveals the majority of the UK workforce is happy at work (58%) but that 42% don’t enjoy their working lives. 

The report unveils what makes people in the UK happy at work and reveals those who work in the West Midlands are most happy (81%) followed closely by York and Humber (79%) and East Anglia (78%).

Employees in Scotland are least happy at work- with one in three saying they are unhappy. 

The data is taken from Engaging Works’ Workplace Happiness Survey which has been taken by over 10,000 people worldwide and aims to help individuals and businesses improve workplace happiness and engagement.

Further data shows:

  • The UK has moved from 10th to 8th place in our global ranking with Romania topping the board
  • Those working in the South West of England believe the most that more reward (pay) would make them feel happier at work.
  • A four-day working week is popular most in the South West and Wales
  • 25% of people in the North West of England believe that feeling respected more would make them happier
  • London is the most anxious region in the UK
  • The UK is made up of apostles- happy and loyal workers who would recommend their employer to others.

Founder of Engaging Works, Lord Mark Price, says, “I’m pleased our 2019 report shows improvement in UK workplace happiness and I’m encouraged to see the country is made up of apostles.  However, there is much to do to make UK employees happier at work.  Employers must wake up the inextricable link between happy employees and increased productivity.  Research shows happy and engaged employees increase productivity and profitability by 20%.  This report is a must-read for employers and employees alike”. 

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