ITV's ‘Britain Get Talking’

Talking, connecting, and sharing conversation is proven to improve mental wellbeing. ITV's new mental wellness initiative is starting a nationwide conversation about young people's mental health, encouraging Britain to 'Get Talking.' We at LetsReset love this campaign, and here's why...

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Carolyn McCall, the chief executive of ITV, is an advocate of mental wellbeing and resilience, and a valued member of the LetsReset community. In her Wellbeing Top Tip, Carolyn mentions ITV’s fantastic new mental wellness initiative, in association with YoungMinds, called ‘Britain Get Talking.’

‘Britain Get Talking’ aims to support young people, and bring families closer together. Their website (link below) includes guides to help people build relationships, improving mental wellbeing. They are working to raise awareness, giving valuable information about mental health conditions such as OCD, anxiety and depression. It targets both parents and children, so anyone can easily spot symptoms. They also provide access to helplines; the YoungMinds Crisis Messenger text service is one example that provides free, 24/7 crisis support across the UK. 

Here are some of ITV’s valuable tips for supporting your loved ones, friends, or work colleagues:

1. Start a conversation 

About anything! Just enjoy conversation with them. If it feels right, ask how they are. 

2. Be patient

Opening up is hard, give the person time and space. 

3. Give your full attention 

Be an active, engaged listener! Make the person who is talking feel heard. (Stay off your phones!)

4. Listening is enough

You don’t need to have the perfect advice or response. Just be there.

5. Look after yourself

Urge them to seek professional help if your own wellbeing is affected. 

Visit the website for more information and keep the conversation about mental wellbeing going. 

ITV’s hit show Britain’s Got Talent, held a powerful minute of silence, to support this campaign, and give families an opportunity to talk. This national broadcast encouraged a large audience to become self-aware, and reflect on how silently watching TV can distance us from others. TV is a fantastic entertainment media, but it cannot provide the emotional, physical support of conversing face-to-face with others. We at LetsReset love this movement! Watch it on the link below: 

ITV have also created a Silent Ad Break that has the same message- encouraging TV viewers to connect with each other and raise mental health awareness. Here it is: 

Keep up the good work ITV! 

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