Let's Try an Experiment

Let's Try an Experiment

Imagine 2 companies

There’s about 200 people working at each.

You enter the first office

People are scattered around the place in small groups.

The rest are rushing around looking at no one, walking in and out of meeting rooms,  talking loudly on their mobile phones

No-one pays you any attention. 

No-one meets your eye.

Breaking into one of those groups is intimidating 

You want to talk to someone to ask how to start a new project, but wait ages for anyone to speak to you

There are other people on their own but they have their headphones in and are deeply engrossed in working, texting and social media

The atmosphere is dead. 

No love. 

Now imagine company number two.

Even before you’re inside the room someone comes up and says hello and welcomes you in

People smile at you as you walk towards the desks

You smile back.

You feel at ease. 

People are scattered around the place in groups, with some people moving about, talking to each other, chatting while they make a cup of tea, helping each other to find a meeting room

Saying hello to old friends.

Saying hello to new friends.

A round of applause draws your attention to one of the group

One of the team has just sold a new project to a client 

High fives. 

Big smiles.

You sit down at a desk and strike up a conversation with the person next to you, because you are all in this together, right?

Work re-imagined. LET'S RESET the workplace. 

Let’s Reset is a cultural change company transforming businesses by linking commercial effectiveness to team performance. We help businesses to promote a culture of wellbeing & resilience to turbo charge growth. My new book, LET'S RESET with Rankin launches on 28th November with the official launch on December 5th at John Lewis, Westfield.  

For more info email suki@letsreset.com I:Letsreset1 www.letsreset.com T:@sukithompson 

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PS I adapted this from a EBS  mailing sent to me last week, it made me realise that great working environments are like great bars, in so many ways.