It's time to start changing our perceptions of mental health

Sian Davey's new series of photographs, 'Testament', aims to alter the perception of mental health that society has become so accustom to.

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Davey's series, 'Testament' aims to bring light to the relationship between depression, anxiety and living in poverty. 

Over 1 fifth of the UK population are living in poverty, and with poverty rising by over 40% since the mid 90's, even employed families are now suffering from poverty as well. 

In her photographs, Davey captures how common it is to suffer from depression and anxiety, and aims to, 'close the gap between the observer and the subject'. 

It is imperative that we begin to close this gap, in order to increase the understanding we have for others, and begin altering the way we think and work to benefit everyone. 

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Zahra Hulf

Project Manager , Lets reset

Zahra graduated from the University of Exeter in 2019, with a BSC in Psychology. During her third year of her degree, she conducted her dissertation on the differing parenting styles of new mothers, and the effects this has on the development of a child. She began working at Let’s Reset shortly after graduating, and acts as Project Manager at Let’s Reset. So far she has helped in the production of the Let’s Reset book, the launch of Let’s Reset, and the Let’s Reset workshops. Zahra has a keen interest in mental health, and alongside volunteering as a befriender at the Islington migrant centre, she also writes a blog about the issues women living in poverty face around the world every day.
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