From 'me' to 'we'

Action for Happiness is on a mission to reframe our ideas around personal contentment. Dr Mark Williamson and Vanessa King explain why

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Vanessa King


Vanessa is a leading expert in the psychology of wellbeing and resilience and the practical application of positive psychology in organisations and communities. She is an experienced organisation and leadership development consultant, an author and public speaker. One of a small group people globally to have completed a Masters degree in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, studying under Martin Seligman and with many of the other leaders in this field, including: Adam Grant, David Cooperrider (Appreciative Inquiry; Doing Good by Doing Well), Chris Peterson, Barbara Fredrickson, Ed Diener, Mihalyi Csikzentmihalyi, Karen Reivich, Ryan Niemiec and Angela Duckworth. She is trained as a facilitator on the University of Pennsylvania’s Master Resilience Training programme for the US Army, aimed at fostering a culture of greater emotional and social wellbeing. She is a Board member of Action for Happiness (AfH), the leading UK-based not-for-profit founded by LSE economist Professor, Lord Richard Layard that focuses on proactively building skills for psychological wellbeing and resilience. She leads the translation of psychological research into practical action for individuals, organisations and communities as well as Action for Happiness’ consulting work with organisations. She is the architect of the 10 keys for Happier Living, which have engaged and inspired people around the world to take action for themselves and others and have been used in a wide variety of ways, including in communities and workplaces and school curricula.
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