New Year: New You!

Did you manage to achieve all of your 2019 resolutions? If not, consider taking a different approach to this new decade by setting intentions instead of resolutions.

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The joys of frivolous Christmas festivities are nearly over, and with it, perhaps an emerging sense of panic at all the things you didn't manage to achieve in 2019. Do not fear however, for there is always another day. I recently heard someone say that their year was transformed through Yoga, and not because of the new-found ab muscles or the deep spirituality, but rather through the community and friendship. They realised that they had been surrounding themselves with friends who would encourage them to wallow, to gossip, and to replay situations over and over until they were exhausted. They decided to immerse themselves in the community at their yoga studio, and with it found new friends, who instead of idling chatting without resolution, when a difficult situation arose, they would simply advise to 'let it go'.  A quick reminder that the practise of non-attachment that comes with the philosophical study of Yoga is just as important to your mental well-being, as fitting into that new pair of jeans may be for your physical self.

"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear." Mark Twain

I think most of us can agree that resolutions are pretty hard to keep consistently for a whole 365 days. So why do we continue to make them every year?! Resolutions involve extrinsic goal-setting that can often seem like climbing a mountain. You promise yourself you will start writing that book you've been dreaming of, or lose that extra 5lbs in time for your next holiday, but why not make these even more personal. Turn those resolutions into intrinsic goals fuelled by passion rather than fulfilment. Instead of goal-setting, how about setting an intention of self-care. This may translate into going for a walk once a week or spending 2 hours reading a good book, or it may even manifest into your goal of writing your own book! What about that endless urge to lose weight! Stop giving yourself unachievable resolutions of making it to the gym at 6:00am 5 days a week, instead, think about why you want to improve your health. Is it so you have more energy day to day, or perhaps to keep up with your peers, children or grandchildren?

As the saying goes, don't make a mountain out of a molehill! Enjoy your new year with thoughtful intention and passion, and let go of the endless goal-orientated resolutions like you're trying to win an Olympic medal!

I wish you all a healthy new year, and hope you can find the courage to talk or write or run or simply get out of bed in the morning as life ebbs and flows!


Jeny Nevard

Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yoga Teacher

I completed a Psychology & English Literature degree and then worked as a Social Housing Area Manager in Kent for 2.5 years, assisting with tenants' wellbeing, including supporting and managing hoarders, and assisting in cases of drug abuse and domestic violence. I then moved to Sri Lanka and worked in community schools and National Psychiatric Hospitals, educating about mental health and running daily dance, art and speaking therapy classes. I now split my time between London and Goa, India, spreading awareness of the interaction between the body and mind as a Yoga teacher.
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