Put Wellbeing and Commercial Focus at the Top of the Skills List

Fascinating to see that Linked In learning​ has just published its list of 'Most in demand hard and soft skills of 2020'. Emotional Intelligence is the 5th top soft skill, and Creativity is first.

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Whilst these are admirable traits. If you put the wellbeing of people first, creating a culture that gives everyone the permission to be human, all the rest will follow! Those companies that link commercial outcomes to cultural wellbeing and resilience will be the ones that grow in 2020. 

We train people in skills like; 

- How to be a Wellbeing Ambassador

- How to Fail, How to Fall

- Creating a kinder Culture of Trust

- Hitting your KPIs through putting your people first. 

- How to put wellbeing on the balance sheet 

 These alongside skills to be brilliant at your job everyday, like blockchain and UXDesign , Creativity and Inclusion will mean 2020 is truly the start of a cultural and business decade of growth. 

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To find out more go to our website www.letsreset.com or to buy the book LET'S RESET, click on the book part of our platform. 

By Suki Thompson Founder Let's Reset 


Let's Reset

let’s reset accelerates business growth by shifting culture to shift performance We believe that the future driver of success is combining commercial delivery with people’s wellbeing and resilience to create new norms. The current coronavirus is challenging everyone to create a new norm and reset the workplace, we are helping businesses pivot their goals and create new cultures and ways of working that last forever not just the next 90 days
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