24 Things to Avoid Saying to Someone Who is Struggling

Some of these are obvious and some less so. We all need to keep working on our emotional sensitivity, to understand and respect the feelings of others. Keep learning.

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24 things not to say to someone who tells you they are struggling:

1. It will pass.

2. Get over it. 

3. What have you got to be anxious about?

4. Other people have it worse.

5. Snap out of it.

6. Just sleep on it. 

7. Calm down.

8. It's all in your head. 

9. Stop being so negative.

10. Have a drink.

11. Oh here we go again (eye roll).

12. Don't worry about it.

13. Just push through it.

14. This is not as big a deal as you are making it.

15. Just let it go.

16. Why are you always like this?

17. Man up.

18. Get a grip.

19. Why can't you be more positive?

20. You need to make more effort to get better.

21. Have you been to the doctor's?

22. You just need to stop overthinking  

23. I don't see why you get like this.

24. It's pathetic.

It's important that people feel heard, not patronised or diminished. But no one is perfect! It is an ongoing process to learn together what is the best way to communicate our struggles and respond. There are no black and white answers, and in some contexts it is appropriate to say some of these 24 things. But it is always important to check you are being as sensitive, kind, and open as possible. 

(Taken from a LinkedIn post #mentalhealth)

By Grace Proctor, Content Editor.

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