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10 reasons you should consider hiring a graduate...

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There are more graduates looking for employment than ever. But it seems increasingly difficult for us to get a foot in the door. Here is a list of reasons to take a chance on a graduate:

1. They are keen to learn.

Coming out of university, graduates are desperate to secure a job and start their careers. This means we are some of the most ambitious and hard-working candidates out there. We will work tirelessly to impress and prove ourselves.

2. They are affordable.

Graduates will accept a much lower salary than our experienced competitors. 

3. They provide a different perspective.

We will bring young, fresh, often progressive views and opinions to the table. This will help your business stay relevant and diverse.

4. A clean slate.

We are mouldable. We can be trained to perform any role at your company. Young people will carry forward productive work ethics and positive wellbeing cultures that we are taught, throughout our careers. This could spread wellbeing and culturally cement it into future business generations.

5. Questioning the way things work.

We are inquisitive. We may be able to spot outdated or ineffective methods, just by asking: why? Shining a light on areas your company could improve on is always positive. 

6. Tech wizz.

Most of the millennial generation are well-versed in technology and social media. We were brought up with it. Learning new programmes will be a piece of cake. Training us will be faster and more cost-effective.

7. Diversity.

A lot of our generation is keen to step away from stereotypical 'white middle-aged men' business hierarchies. Hiring young feminists, activists, minorities etc. is key to becoming a modern, productive and diverse workforce. Social consciences are important in every workplace- you will find plenty in graduates.

8. Different background experiences.

Whilst we may not all have the exact work experience you are looking for, we could have transferable skills that will be even more beneficial. Extracurricular activities should not be snubbed. A CV brimming with after-school clubs, university societies and volunteering, should be admired. All of these undertakings require self-assurance, motivation, passion, time-management and hard-work. We learn from these experiences and acquire qualities that we will bring to the workplace.

9. Succession planning.

Hiring a graduate is an investment! If your company can create a culture that employees love, grads could work their way up, becoming the most experienced, valued member of the team. Look to the future. 

10. Wellbeing.

Most importantly, graduates could carry forward wellbeing in the workplace. Mouldable, adaptable, inquisitive, progressive, the future- with all of these qualities, we could potentially change wellbeing and resilience practises in business forever. If we are taught at the beginning of our careers to talk about mental wellbeing, practise self-care, support others, exercise, meditate, cultivate resilience etc., we will normalise this culture. It's up to business leaders now to pass it on to business leaders of tomorrow. 

By Grace Proctor,

Let's Reset Content Editor.

Grace Proctor

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