Reinventing HR

Let's see people as more than just human resources.

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We at Let's Reset champion creating a safe, encouraging and exciting work culture for employees. The following article matches our ethos. Please give it a read!

Here is a poignant extract from the full article...

What should HR really look like?

Perhaps the greatest opportunity in this new, post-digital economy lies in this promise: that each of us can realize our full potential by expressing our broad range of our skills. Because that inherently benefits the companies that employ us.

The next and arguably most crucial step is retention. What’s the point of hiring disruptors but not empowering them? Such trophy employees continue to be hired as a defensive mechanism designed to signal change without actually getting the company to change. Looks good in the press release and keeps everyone’s jobs safe -- what could go wrong? They sit on the edges, powerless, the very skillset they were brought in to use, untapped. Without a culture that allows them to drive change or make decisions, this talent feels unutilized, stuck, stifled. Until they’re approached by the next recruiter.

When we listen to the mavens and misfits, when we inspire the changemakers we brought in and support them with a tribe of people they can connect with, and with budgets and decision-making power, we set the whole company up for success.

What if we valued retention over the lure of talent seduction, over the quick boost to the company’s ego that comes from chasing new recruits? Can we create a system where loyalty is truly rewarded? And can we shift away from a system that rewards compliance and gives recognition based entirely on what is most easily measured?

The companies that can get people to feel empowered, to feel free to show their passions both in and outside of work, to drive change by employing the full range of their talents, to express their curiosity and uncensored enthusiasm, are the ones best positioned to thrive in the future.

When people have the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time, they will end up achieving more, not less. When they can pursue their interests freely, those interests won’t get in the way of their jobs - they will enrich and equip them with new skills to use in their jobs. When they can bring their full selves to work, they’ll pour their full selves into their work. And when you do the necessary work to cultivate openness and transparency, you’ll build trust and accountability and strengthen the fabric of your company.

So let’s stop looking at talent purely through the lens of acquisition and let’s see people as more than just human resources. Whether you are transforming your company or starting a new venture, it may be worth asking yourself: What would HR look like, if we invented it today?

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