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Barclays quickly scrapped their "creepy" software that monitored how long employees spent at desks...

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The BBC released an article today about Barclay's "big brother" staff tracking system that received a terrible response in their offices.

Read the full article here:

Expert opinions taken from the article...

Silkie Carlo, director of privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch says: 

"Managers would never get away with breathing down employee's necks, personally monitoring their screens or logging toilet and water breaks...The availability of technology to [monitor] staff surreptitiously does not make it any more acceptable." 

Edward Houghton, head of research at Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development says: 

"Technologies like this may actually cause more harm than good...They can... create mistrust or low levels of trust for employees - employees can feel like they're being watched and not trusted to do their own work effectively." 

We at Let's Reset agree. You cannot stifle your staff. Trusting employees, and giving them greater freedom, will improve productivity. 

Let's Reset Team. 

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