The Sunday Times Best 100 Companies 2020

Here are some wellbeing highlights from the top-ranking companies.
The Sunday Times Best 100 Companies 2020

The Sunday Times has just released their "best 100 companies to work for 2020." The lists are made from the views of employees, who rank their organisations according to eight categories. The research and data analysis is carried out for The Sunday Times by Best Companies Ltd. Four out of the five businesses holding the top spots are also in first-place for Wellbeing. 

Here are some of the wellbeing highlights from the top-scorers:

Tech marketing firm MVF secured the top spot in the  ‘best company’ category, ranking highest for Leadership, My Manager, Personal Growth, My Team and Wellbeing. 

They achieved the high-score for ‘Wellbeing’ by cultivating a fresh, exciting and relaxed work culture:

"Staff hot-desk and carry laptops to stand-up meetings, storing their personal belongings in lockers instead of in desk drawers. There is table football, a roof garden and beers in the fridge for downtime and a wide variety of sports and social activities — from boxing to book club — help employees bond and unwind. A peaceful, dedicated zen room is a well-used wellbeing resource, and trained mental health first-aiders work across the business.

When MVF hits its annual target a company-wide all-inclusive trip somewhere sunny brings everyone together to celebrate. Ibiza was the most recent destination where poolside chilling, yoga, bike rides and partying were enjoyed…"

Stockport Homes, a social housing company, is at the top of the non-profit organisation list, again scoring extremely highly in the Wellbeing category. They have successfully cultivated a healthy work culture:

"Stockport Homes gets unbeaten scores for having a strong social conscience (85%) and for managers who help people fulfil their potential (77%) with opportunities for staff to get involved in training and volunteering. Flexible working options, weekly yoga classes, wellbeing activities and an award-winning active listeners scheme which provides mental health support all help ensure that staff are not under too much pressure to perform well (73%, another top score)."

Ranked the best small business for ‘Wellbeing’ is renewable energy supplier Pure Planet in Bath:

"Work should fit around your life, not the other way around, says renewable energy supplier Pure Planet, which has the best work-life balance in our list of small firms, scoring 93% positive.

Members of its workforce of 79 people in Bath, Somerset, are allowed unlimited paid holidays. But in practice, says co-founder Steven Day, it doesn’t lead to long absences as people respect the trust put in them and don’t want to let their teammates down.

Everyone has the freedom to work from home and to choose their own start and finish times. It pays off in an absence of power struggles (91%) or excessive pressure, enabling people to perform well (88%, both ranking first in our survey)."

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All of these companies prioritise employee wellbeing. Their refreshing work cultures show trust in staff, ultimately leading to success. From 'zen rooms' to flexible working hours, their ideas push boundaries, and could spread positive cultural change across all workplaces. 

Grace Proctor

Content Editor, Let's Reset.