WORKSHOP How to rise like a Phoenix

How to become more resilient and use your grit, when working remotely
WORKSHOP How to rise like a Phoenix


How to become more resilient and use your grit, when working remotely

In this challenging time, we need our people to be at their very best when they work remotely, connecting to your company purpose, developing grit to keep going through the crisis and emerge like a Phoenix on the other side. At the moment, for many, our natural state is to feel anxious, everything is changing and we are in a ‘world’ that we know little about. Some are self isolating, some are ill, many are working from home and we are needing to juggle work, family and friends as well as learning social distancing and other new behaviours.

Our resilience affects our ability to 'bounce back'. At times like this, resilient people are better able to deal with the demands placed upon them, constantly changing priorities and a different workload. From scientific analysis we know that exceptional people have a special talent for converting life’s setbacks into future successes. These people have a different mindset (a survival and then growth mindset), and they are able to learn and grow in the face of difficulty and adversity.

Why this will make a difference to your business NOW

Learning these skills during the next few months will help your business create mini phoenixes, who can help business lines and themselves rise up. Our work is grounded in science and research that will give you the best strategies to help you manage the ever changing circumstances, and to deal with the adversity that will accompany this. To find ways to continue to believe in your company purpose during the coronavirus and beyond and show you how to achieve grit by developing the psychological assets that serve to counter the forces that urge us to quit.

What will you achieve ?

In this session, we will show you the key differences between survival, growth and fixed mindsets, and how to increase your motivation and achievements through research proven resilience and growth mindset practices. We will look at why people differ, and how these mindsets change, how you can cope with stress,  learn what to strive for, and how to understand and measure your own success. We will focus on how you and your people can become mini phoenix’s and enable your business to prosper again creating positives out of negatives. Let's reset your business to survive and thrive post coronavirus. 

Faciliatated by Let's Resetters:  Hassan Khan, Performance coach, Helen Gorman, Partner, let's reset  

This worhshop last 1.5 hours and can be remotely attended by up to 50 people. To help businesses during the coronavirus we are offering some of our workshops for FREE

To find out more, drop us a note at or call Suki on +447957208040 @letsreset1