WORKSHOP - Your new secret weapon

Emotionally connecting with your people is not only necessary during the Coronavirus pandemic, it is vital and could be your secret weapon to your current and future company survival (1.5 hour workshop online, available NOW)
WORKSHOP  - Your new secret weapon


Emotionally connecting with your people to reset the way you all work

Working remotely does not stop you emotionally connecting with your employees and it has never been so important to check in with their wellbeing whilst driving engagement. Remote workers  is now your new secret weapon to stabilisation, recovery, and out-performance in your business. 

In a survey by in 2019, 28% of people surveyed said that they suffered from loneliness and anxiety caused by separation from colleagues 54% - missed routine and 83% - got stressed trying to cope with juggling home and work life. 

At this challenging business time it is easy to under estimate the power of still having online conversations, helping people to describe their hopes and fears and the power of realising that others feel the same as you, as well as the joy of finding solutions together.

Why this will make a difference to your business NOW

Your remote workers can become your new secret weapon if you engage with them in the right way. We have been forced to make a material shift in the way the majority of the population work and live their lives. If you can’t get your people to perform and cope with this shift they will not be able to work effectively. Feelings of stress and loneliness will undermine their effectiveness. 

Emotionally connecting with your people provides managers with tips and tools to have 'mental health conversations' without fear of making somebody feel awkward, if done correctly your people will be your new secret weapon to not only survive at this time but thrive. In the  LET' S RESET BOOK  by Suki Thompson with Rankin over 80 leaders talked about the importance of emotionally connecting with their people and looking after their own wellbeing to help them perform more effectively in the workplace, this workshop uses some of the tips and understanding from the book along with case studies from leading brands of how they are benefiting from increased kindness.

 What will you achieve

The workshop will discuss what we mean by staying emotionally connected to your employees when they are working remotely, it will help you make employees feel that you are not simply checking up on them every time you call, but find the best balance to help them work at their very best. It will help you use the most effective language to get your employees to be honest about their wellbeing and talk about the pitfalls to avoid losing employee trust and engagement with remote workers at this critical time.

 Facilitated by Let's Resetters: David Beeney, Mental Health expert Suki Thompson, CEO/Founder let's reset. 

To help businesses during the coronavirus we are offering some of our workshops for FREE This interactive workshop is run online, it last 1.5 hours and is available now. 

To find out more about our let's reset workshops, drop us a note at or call Suki on +447957208040 @letsreset1