WORKSHOP - Stepping into Awareness

Techniques for grounding and overcoming emotional blocks so that people can perform at their best during the coronavirus (1.5 hour workshop online, available NOW)
WORKSHOP - Stepping into Awareness


Techniques for grounding and overcoming emotional blocks so that people can perform at their best during the coronavirus

Life’s up’s and downs can be an opportunity for growth, but fear will block this growth if it’s present. Our outcome depends on our mindset and level of awareness. If we do not keep check on feelings, we will accidentally find ourselves making decisions from a place of emotion and reactivity. These decisions are never our best because we are in a state of fight or flight. When our limbic system is activated all it is concerned with is our immediate survival, NOT our long-term growth, wellbeing and success!

 This workshop is about learning how to notice when you are in a reactive place and how to return to your calmest and most resourceful self.

 Why this will make a difference to your people & business NOW

In this prolonged period of uncertainty and as business performance becomes more challenged and decisions tougher, it is likely your people will be feeling some degree of anxiety. This will differ across your teams from the people who led through the 2008 crash and have experienced leading through adversity, to those for whom this period will be the first time they have faced a tough business  climate. However, add to this the fact that everyone is working remotely and there is significant change for everyone. For your people to work effectively and to look after their wellbeing, recognising signs of anxiety and importantly having the awareness and tools to proactively manage these feelings is critical for the performance of your people & your business. This workshop teaches people to step into awareness around their anxiety with tips on how to manage it

What will you achieve

The workshop will lead your people through 5 steps and help them notice what is happening to them:

1.Awareness – why does it matter?
2.How do I recognise it?

Facilitated by Let's Resetters: Kate Delaney, Wellbeing Practitioner and Helen Gorman, Managing Partner, let's reset.  

To help businesses during the coronavirus we are offering some of our workshops for FREE This interactive workshop is run online, it last 1.5 hours for groups of up to 50 and smaller sessions of around 10. 

To find out more about our let's reset workshops, drop us a note at or call Suki on +447957208040 @letsreset1