Advantages of Going to School as an Adult

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The dynamics of the  rewriting service  in modern world demand people to be active and work hard to keep up with its pace. It is a close reflection of the wild where speed, strength and agility are paramount for survival. However, nowadays, people are living in the information age. This means that information and skills are the determinants of survival. Many people have gone back to school due to this. This is despite the fact that they have advanced in age and may consider their school days in past. There are several reasons for this, since some of them are desire to advance in one’s career, to have the sense of accomplishment and to achieve self-actualization. Going back to school as an adult has several advantages. These may help one to succeed and achieve the desired career growth. The experience of resuming formal education might be very useful and fulfill its purpose. This essay compares the adult and non-adult student and explains the advantages of going to school.


The person who is in mature age is likely to have accumulated a lot of experience in life. This helps one to appreciate the education he/she is getting. Young people are at a point in their lives when they are juggling their social lives and school work. Many times the former take the greater priority, and many perceive school as routine in life and do not truly appreciate what they learn. They often realize the value of education later in life. In adulthood, one embraces education and works hard concentrating on the tasks at hand. One thus has a greater chance of doing exceptionally well in their studies. In addition to this, one may enjoy exemptions in various courses, owing to career experience. This experience also comes in handy when applying it to what one is learning.

Fewer Distractions

As an older student, one has fewer distractions in life and is thus able to concentrate more on one’s studies. As mentioned before, younger students live a life that is highly impulsive and circle around social interaction and having fun. This includes parties, road trips etc. Ironically, younger students have a lot of free time but are the least capable of managing their academic affairs, compared to adult students. On the other hand, on the face of it older students have tight schedules, as most will have careers and families to attend to among other obligations. However, the distinctive quality in this scenario is that there is a certain order or routine for these obligations. Thus, when one decides to resume their studies, they will allocate time for this in their lives such as evening or early mornings and weekends to do their studies. Routines allow the older students to be punctual and time disciplined.

Defined Goals

Older students are able to have clear cut goals when they resolve with their further studies. Many will have busy schedules, attending to their obligations and thus will have good reasons for going back to school. They will steer their studies towards achieving this goal. These may be changing careers, advancing current ones or simply intellectual gratification. Younger students treat their college education as a stage of life, just like any other and often do not acknowledge how critical it is for them. With beliefs that college is the place of fun and their new rewards of unlimited independence, many tend to deviate from the reason they are in college. Indeed, many end up taking longer than necessary to complete their courses.

Handling Challenges

School life is full of challenges. Many courses have demanding schedules, requiring many hours for course completion, in addition to those committed for personal studies. Many involve projects that require teamwork within tight deadlines. Conflicts with instructors and fellow students are challenges in the social dimension. These challenges may prove to be difficult to handle. Older students have a high tolerance for challenges and are more likely to come through and solve them than younger students. Older students have a separate life outside their school work that includes dependents and financial obligations. Younger students may not handle the problems well. This is because they are only being introduced to the real world and probably have to face challenges without the intervention of their parents or guardians.

Contacts and Acquaintances

Adult students enjoy the fact that they have more contacts outside the classroom than younger students do. Younger students struggle having to make a name for themselves in the industries they join. They have to get relevant work experience by taking internships or volunteering. Older students, however, have people that they have made the acquaintance with in the course of their jobs. This makes it easier to realize the fruits of their academic progress than it is for younger students. This is regardless, whether they have or are looking to further pursue their present careers or different ones. Exposure to the various professional fields lacks in younger students, and thus many are surprised and frustrated when they do not get employment opportunities.


Adult students are more motivated than younger ones. Adult students may have gone back to school to further their careers in order to have a higher income. Other may want to join an industry that pays more money or that they have a passion to participate in. The factors give the adult student a lot of motivation to work hard for excellent results. Essentially, their education is an investment in them. This fact is oblivious to younger students who treat college experience as another phase in their lives. In addition to this, going back to school may be more exciting for adult students than it is for their younger counterparts. School fills a nostalgia that they may have from earlier years of their lives. It may also be the fulfillment of a personal desire. More importantly, it breaks the monotony of daily life and introduces something new.

From the above explanation, advantages of going back to school as an adult exist. Many have a negative attitude towards it. However, the scales are tipped towards one’s