Do you really know how impactful are you being?

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When I read the email from Charlena this morning I couldn't believe it. I'm still in shock...

Charlena is a woman who attended a 4-day retreat last year. She is a high-performer who took a sabbatical to avoid burn out. After the retreat, we just had a single coaching conversation.

I believe those whom we are driven by a purpose we BARELY know what's the scope of our impact. We know we do things with a purpose that aligns with our values and heart, but the real impact we are having on people's life it's just a guess.

Charlena and we only had one session and honestly, not a special one at all... I even remember had a bitter taste afterward because I thought it wasn't a good session and she couldn't move forward.

I didn't hear anything from her until today. I didn't know that conversation could even have such an impact on her. I'd have even forgotten about that session... But it seems that what to me was "just a session" for her it was something really extraordinary.

Here is the message from Charlena:

"Andoni, I wanted to share with you that so many of your insights and teachings have stuck with me (to this day!) and have been so impactful for me. 

Also, I wanted to share how much my life has really transformed in the past six months - I've transitioned into a new global role in Employee Experience (and out of management consulting), which much better aligns with my passions/purpose. 

And started volunteering for an organization that supports the teaching of meditation, breathing techniques, and wellbeing to the community. 

I've gone down to 4 days a week and dedicated 1 day each week to my volunteer work and personal learning. Which has given me time affluence, and allowed me to create a daily deep yoga and meditation practice. 

Oh, and I've just completed my first silent retreat this past weekend for 3 days, which was definitely inspired by the 1 evening/morning silence that we completed in the retreat. 

And I've started to do some coaching accreditations within work (and also considering an external program too). 

Anyway, I wanted to say a huge thank you to YOU - for igniting that spark, asking the deep questions, and helping me see beyond what I was able to see at that time :)"

So let me recap...

With what I personally would call an "average coaching session" she has been...

  • Go down to 4 days a week
  • Using my teachings for over a year
  • Align her professional life with her purpose and passions
  • Start teaching meditation and yoga as a volunteering work
  • And start her career as a coach...

WOW! Honestly, if you tell me this I couldn't believe it.

I'd never imagined that a single conversation we had could be so impactful for Charlena.

I believe that's the magic of coaching. So when people who never experienced coaching before (or those who did it with some unqualified ones) are asking me to show them real results of what our work together will bring...

Well, honestly I don't know and anyone knows that. My job is just to show others how powerful they are and the possibilities they haven't seen by themselves. From there they become limitless, as Charlena did with a single session.

This is the beauty of being driven by a purpose. We'd probably never know how far our impact is getting, we'll doubt about how impactful our work is over and over, we'll doubt about our work and how others view us.

Follow your heart, serve powerfully, and trust in what you are capable of.

Andoni Silva

Founder and Coach , The Impact Circle

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