How Atomic agency have evolved through their work with Let's Reset

How Atomic agency have evolved through their work with Let's Reset
We had the pleasure of working with the fantastic creative agency Atomic last year and here is what their CEO Jon Goulding has said about the work we did together… 
“We asked the Let’s Reset team to come in and develop a plan, that will not only manage our mental health challenges, but actually help us improve our mental fitness as a team.  
Being a creative agency we work in a high pressure, high stress, long hours, highly competitive environment and that takes a lot out of our team and a lot out of our leadership team on a day to day basis. We felt the Let’s Reset team had the best combination of tools and strategies, to help us build a plan that was both good for our people and good for our business at the same time.” 
One of our key Lets Reset tools to help improve the energy, wellbeing and performance of your team is our Power of How are You workshop. We coach employees on how to have a best practice wellbeing conversation and importantly how to build behaviours that create a culture of kindness to improve wellbeing and performance and that helps retain talent. Delivered with our leading mental health expert, David Beeney, this workshop runs online and can accommodate up to 100 employees per session. It gives your people the confidence, framework and structure to have a best in class wellbeing conversation. 
February and March Bookings for The Power of How are you are now open, so DM me to learn how we can help equip your team and build a culture of kindness within your team and organisation.