Our new outdoor campaign encouraging businesses to shift culture to shift performance

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We are so proud of our new Outdoor campaign to encourage business to reset the workplace. In partnership with Rankin RANKIN  & Clearchannel we want to encourage companies to shift culture to shift performance, putting purpose, wellbeing & resilience at the heart of commercial outcomes as we come out of lockdown. #coronavirus Thanks to everyone from the LetsReset book who has taken part. Nicola Mendelsohn CBE Facebook Anna Hill WW (formerly Weight Watchers) William Eccleshare Clearchannel Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE FRSA FKCL Power Of Executive Mentoring Matt Atkinson Coop Sarah Harbon Benefit Cosmetics Deepak Jobanputra Vitality David Dinsmore News UK,  Carolyn McCall, CEO ITV Rose McGowan actress, activist and artist, #Planet9, author Brave Steve Parish, Chairman CPFC LIMITEDKaren Blackett OBE Country Lead, WPP University of Portsmouth Angie Greaves Global Smooth FM, Stevie Spring CBE Chairman, Mind Chairman, British Council Suki Thompson, Founder/CEO Let's Reset 

At Let’s Reset, our purpose is to improve business performance through creating a shift in ways of working and company culture. We believe a key driver of future success is combining commercial delivery with people’s wellbeing and resilience to create new norms. During lockdown we have seen a lot of focus on companies initially dealing with the emergency and then  pivoting and using innovation and creativity to evolve during this time. We have seen an  increased focus on wellbeing and mental health and now we are helping companies reset for the future as they aim to regain their commercial performance by continuing to put wellbeing further up the balance sheet. 

For more information contact suki@letsreset.com 

Let's Reset

let’s reset accelerates business growth by shifting culture to shift performance We believe that the future driver of success is combining commercial delivery with people’s wellbeing and resilience to create new norms. The current coronavirus is challenging everyone to create a new norm and reset the workplace, we are helping businesses pivot their goals and create new cultures and ways of working that last forever not just the next 90 days
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