Power Up - 2021 Jan 26th

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After the year that was 2020, we could all do with pressing the reset button. Power Up is a one-day festival bringing you the skills, ideas and inspiration you need to energise yourself for 2021 and perform at your best. 

 This is an online festival for people who care about their wellbeing and how it links to their effectiveness at work. The world is different, we must be as well. As we enter a new year with the pandemic still impacting our lives, we all need to focus on our wellbeing and performance to ensure we’re Powered Up and ready to take on 2021 with a creative, productive and commercial mindset.

POWER UP has an action packed agenda with key note speakers and workshops so your teams get to interact with the coaches and other business executives. Our programme includes: Sebastian James, Senior Vice president & MD, Walgreens Boots Alliance, Carolyn McCall, CEO ITV, HRH Sayyida Basma Al Said, Founder, Whispers of Serenity Clinic for Mental Health, Rose McGowan, actress, musician, author, Tom Bannister, Creative Director and  Influencer, Sir Andrew Strauss OBE, Cricketer and Leadership coach, Geoff McDonald, Global mental health campaigner and Sir Anthony Seldon, Educator, Author, Founder of Action for Happiness, Dr Yvonne Thompson OBE and René Carayol - Business Guru and Author. Have a look at the agenda here.  https://powerup.advertisingweek.com/

Let's Reset

let’s reset accelerates business growth by shifting culture to shift performance We believe that the future driver of success is combining commercial delivery with people’s wellbeing and resilience to create new norms. The current coronavirus is challenging everyone to create a new norm and reset the workplace, we are helping businesses pivot their goals and create new cultures and ways of working that last forever not just the next 90 days
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