RESET The Podcast with Suki Thompson & Anna Jones

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This week Suki Thompson Founder & CEO Let’s Reset is in conversation with Anna Jones, Co-Founder of Allbright

Anna Jones is the Co-Founder of Allbright, the first all-female private members club. In this Reset Podcast, she talks about sisterhood and the power of being a woman. She also discusses why there is a still a place for an all-female club and an even more special place in hell for women who don’t help other women! During our time together, she also offers some fascinating insights as to why women still find it hard to push themselves forward.

RESET: The podcast with Suki Thompson, Founder and CEO of Let’s Reset  is for anyone who cares about wellbeing at work and at home. A series of personally intimate and professionally revealing stories that are designed to inspire, engage and inform. Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits are sponsoring this Podcast Series which kicked off with Suki's interview with Paul Pomroy, the CEO of McDonald's in the UK and Ireland. A fascinating exploration of how his childhood impacted his adulthood both personally and professionally. The rest of the ten part series sees people from the worlds of business, politics, and even royalty.

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let’s reset accelerates business growth by shifting culture to shift performance We believe that the future driver of success is combining commercial delivery with people’s wellbeing and resilience to create new norms. The current coronavirus is challenging everyone to create a new norm and reset the workplace, we are helping businesses pivot their goals and create new cultures and ways of working that last forever not just the next 90 days
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