Reset: The Podcast with Suki Thompson & Guests

A series of personally intimate and professionally revealing stories that are designed to inspire, engage and inform.
Reset: The Podcast with Suki Thompson & Guests

On 26th January during the Let’s Reset POWER UP Festival, we will see the launch of RESET the PODCAST with Suki Thompson, Founder and CEO of Let’s Reset. The Reset Podcast Series is for anyone who cares about wellbeing at work and at home. A series of personally intimate and professionally revealing stories that are designed to inspire, engage and inform. Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits are sponsoring this Podcast Series which kicks off with Suki's interview with Paul Pomroy, the CEO of McDonald's in the UK and Ireland. A fascinating exploration of how his childhood impacted his adulthood both personally and professionally. The rest of the ten part series sees people from the worlds of business, politics, and even royalty.

My first guest is Paul Pomroy,  CEO McDonald's. Paul talks to me about how his own many life experiences have lead him to become the kind of leader he is today. Experiences with his Dad, his Family and his Friends have all shaped his view that authenticity is the key to great leadership and culture. Bringing your whole self to work is something that defines the way he runs McDonald's and here, Paul talks about why it's so important for his colleagues to feel that sometimes, it's ok not to be ok.


My Next guest is The Scottish Business Legend, Benny Higgins. Benny was the former CEO, Tesco Bank and now Advisor to the Scottish Government, Chairman of the Duke of Buccleuch's Estates & National Galleries. In this Reset: The Podcast Benny talks to Suki Thompson Founder, Let’s Reset about the juxtaposition of business and art, lived experience and learning which is the way that he lives his life. He also discusses very openly and honestly about how his own personal experiences, good and bad, have been his best teacher.  This is a podcast for anyone who knows that life is a journey and the bumpier the ride, the more interesting the lessons. 

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over 1 year ago

Loving "Reset: The Podcast". Raw, open, vulnerable and truly inspiring guests sharing their stories.  A lovely break from the everyday.