Review on Primary Colors directed by Mike Nichols

Review on Primary Colors directed by Mike Nichols

Review on Primary Colors directed by Mike Nichols

My Recommendations

Primary Colors directed by Mike Nichols (1998) is a political film that portrays the struggle for presidency and the campaign as an integral part of the political process. The movie makes one feel disgusted by the delusion of personal values, which indicates that politics can break a person’s soul (Taylor). Besides, it changes one's perspective on democracy, because the movie shows that throughout the political life, one has to overcome the challenges related to this sphere that frequently requires taking deceptive measures. As a rule, people exercise their democratic rights by voting for their leaders, yet the movie sheds more light on the political world and reveals the real manner with which the politicians work their way to the top through deception. In addition, having watched the film, one begins to wonder whether the movie is a reflection of today’s political spectrum whereby one’s good character is destroyed once they intend to get a political seat. Finally, Primary Colors helps one envision the future of politics in the country.

The film The Cider House Rules directed by Lasse Hallström (1999) is a piece of sentimental entertainment, which yet can cause a change of one’s political views. Doctor Larch is a central character of the film that stands out in his moral autonomy, as he does not respect authority. He breaks the law by performing illegal abortions in the society, where the unwanted children have rather uncertain fate. The movie changes one’s form of sensibility by engaging a viewer in pro-choice politics. The doctor does not think much about following the rules but complies with moral standards and ethics. Apparently, he believes that the decision to do an abortion is an adult choice, which should not be disregarded.

The film is a clear indicator of the different experiences that individuals go through along with their various perspectives and convictions that do not necessarily consider following the rules. Therefore, the Cider House Rules film encourages one to break the rules when appropriate, but careful considerations of relevant facts is always important.

My Conclusion

The stories narrated in these films cause one to respect various ideas raised in them, which also invokes the audience to view life from a different perspective. The Primary Colors movie makes me understand the circumstances under which politicians become deceptive when trying to gain power and authority. The characters in this story become vulnerable to surroundings and circumstances, and thus, they might make wrong choices. Besides, the story sheds the light on how the citizens are forced to believe that they freely exercise their democratic rights by voting, whereas the leaders use all means to convince and lie to them. The film, however, does not shape my sensibility, because I still think that politicians must have peoples’ interest at heart before they vie for any seat.

The Cider House Rules film in its turn changes my political view, because it makes me feel more supportive for safe and legal abortion. After watching the movie, I got the conviction that abortion is an adult choice, especially in certain cases, such as incest. The movie has a significant effect on personal opinion, since the director puts a lot of emphasis on the concept of self-determination and moral autonomy. After all, democracy allows equality and freedom to what one thinks is morally right.

From the movie, the audience may realize that the rules we live by must not only be written in a constitution, but they should also be inscribed in an unconventional crucible of our hearts. However, individuals may differ in the ultimate effects they experience after watching the film. For instance, some could get the idea that the movie encourages the violation of women rights, human degradation, murder, and incest. Overall, having considered my daily life experiences, I can say that both films have helped me to become liberal-minded and to view life situations rom different dimensions before making any conclusions.

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