Roundtable 15th July 8.30-10am

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As we transition out of lockdown it’s a pivotal moment that will change the nature of work forever and a crucial moment for employees. But, it’s nothing compared to how important it is for the art of leadership. Join Andrea Lansbury HR Director, Benefit Cosmetics and Let’s Reset to discuss ideas and experiences of supporting people's wellbeing and performance as we turn to a new fluid way of working at the office, store, home and in-between.

 We will be discussing strategies, offering best practice insights and sharing experiences in this session;


  • How fluid working can enhance your own and your teams energy, wellbeing and performance
  • How to break past habits and transition into the next working rhythm, providing clarity for your people on how your organisation can make the shift
  • Using our Let’s Reset framework to measure wellbeing and performance and create small resets that energise your people           through the transition to focus on performance, creativity and growth
  • How creating a long term wellbeing and performance programme and a ‘future fit’ plan for all can sit at the heart of your business as a strategic priority


We would love you to be part of this conversation. If you and/or one of your team can join us on July 15th 8.30-10am BST RSVP  to secure your place. Attendees will be from C- suite/HR/Marketing/Transformation /Sales/Office/Store

Let's Reset

let’s reset accelerates business growth by shifting culture to shift performance We believe that the future driver of success is combining commercial delivery with people’s wellbeing and resilience to create new norms. The current coronavirus is challenging everyone to create a new norm and reset the workplace, we are helping businesses pivot their goals and create new cultures and ways of working that last forever not just the next 90 days
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