Saving the Planet one nodule at a time

Saving the Planet one nodule at a time

For most of us, resetting means making changes that might affect our daily lives.

But, Gerard Barron, Chairman & CEO, The Metals Company is definitely not like most of us. In this latest Reset the Podcast, Gerard talks to me about his own reset moment, when he decided to put his incredible #entrepreneurial skills to work to help #savetheplanet.

Twice during the chat, he tells me that business is both his hobby and his passion and it’s easy to hear why. Gerard’s passion, energy and drive to help transition our planet away from fossil fuels to a circular resource economy is very clear, as is his unrelenting commitment to what he calls his tribe. Those people around him who believe in his journey and share his commitment to making our planet a better place.

I asked him with all the challenge that they get politically, from business and social media how does he get through the tough days? his simple answer 'by believing in tomorrow'.

At Lets Reset we encourage leaders to open up & speak up about their purpose and ambition for their business, their team and their tribe both for today and to think about the tomorrow! To learn more and to listen to my podcast, see links below.

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