Take our 7 needs of Wellbeing and Performance Test

Take our 7 needs of Wellbeing and Performance Test

Take part in this industry survey and find out what your score is on our Lets Reset 7 needs of wellbeing & performance test - measure what you treasure. Lets Reset are partnering Advertising Week in a mini #POWERUP at #AWEurope this 10-13 May.

In our session, People, Profit & Planet - Measure what you Treasure Sarah Harbon GM Benefit Cosmetics, Douglas Lamont #CEO innocent drinks & Harriet Hounsell Chief People Officer Nomad Foods talk to me about the results of the industry survey & how businesses can focus on and measure the impact of their People, Planet as well as Profit. We will discuss:

• Why brands can no longer afford to shirk responsibility for their social, environmental & people impact – the crucial role they can play & why the Better Business Act can make a difference
• How the 7 Needs of wellbeing & performance can change the nature of conversations in the workplace, the boardroom, within marketing teams and promote cultural change

For details or info on how to get a FREE ticket to this session on Tue May 11, 11:00 AM - 11:30 AM GMT contact details are below.

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