Women and men don't trust each other

Women and men don't trust each other

Nimco Ali a Government advisor, offered this assessment of society on #GMB reported in The Times today, in response to Sarah Everards’s murder.

‘Women & men in this country do not trust each other. I also know that violence against women and girls is not inevitable; it can be prevented.'

Alongside young people, we all have a responsibility to make a difference. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

I hugely admire Amy Edmondson’s work on psychological safety. Within this concept lies one of the answers to how we can all help. She defines it as a belief that the workplace is a safe space for speaking up. In the work we do at Lets Reset, we see that the most effective teams embrace psychologically safe environments.

A sense of confidence that your view is valued. Permission for honesty & a culture that seeks to understand each other's opinions, that lacks micro aggression. An environment that is kinder, inclusive & more respectful. If we strive towards this goal in all of our workspaces, perhaps we’ll help men & women trust each other just a bit more.

Do you think women & men trust each other?