Suki Thompson

Founder CEO , Let's Reset

Head of HR, BKCAT

Jon Setty

CX Markeing & Data Solutions Specialist Manager, Oracle

Nicola Lentin

Account Director, Saatchi and Saatchi

Douglas Burdon

Executive Chairman, IMD

Sharon Downing

Director, Additae Valorem

Rosy Nevard


Professional dancer turned Entrepreneur, Rosy has dedicated her life to dance, both as a performer and now as Director of her own company. Rosy's career in Classical Ballet has seen her performing the leading roles in many productions including The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty and Alice in Wonderland. Her 10-year freelance career has taken her all over the world to appear on stage and screen for the likes of Beyonce and Basement Jaxx, featured in the BBC's popular drama Poldark, and in stadium shows for the Champions League Final, London Olympics 2012 and Cricket World Cup 2019. Her company, HIRE-A-DANCER.COM LTD, founded in 2015 supplies the events industry with professional dancers of all dance genres, including managing dancers from the BBC's well known Strictly Come Dancing and working with big name clients including Sony, Waitrose and British Airways. Besides all this, Rosy is passionate about reaching out to, connecting creatively with, and educating people through the medium of dance. To facilitate this, she co-founded Nova Grace Productions in 2016 and partnered with the Our World Project in Los Angeles to take educational productions which tackle challenging social subjects including HIV awareness and sexual abuse, to far flung places across the globe including small islands off Belize, South America and remote villages of Uganda, East Africa. Closer to home, the company has also partnered with The Prince's Trust in London to bring to fruition a production entitled "Shadows", which raises awareness of mental health and tackles the subject of suicide among young people.
Aarron Benn

Regional Manager, The Gym Group

Graeme Dixon

CEO, Octopus Intelligence

Kate Delaney

Wellness Coach, Kate Delaney Coaching

Kate is an experienced mindfulness coach and clinical hypnotherapist with a special interest in performance enhancement. Since 2013 she has run a busy practice in West Sussex where she specialises in enabling her clients to achieve their goals through overcoming fear. She is a passionate advocate of mental health in the workplace and coaches a wide range of clients from CEO’s to athletes. A former academic her PhD and research interests were in sustainable business and CSR.
Yulia Stark

Founder & CEO, FAB academy

Yulia, the founder of FAB (Femininity And Business) academy, helped thousands of women to start up their business based on their passion. She is an author & international speaker worldwide: from New deli India, United States, London and all over Europe. Yulia is the executive board member of the international business conference WinTrade London, connecting world leaders and executives, creating a positive impact worldwide. She works with the biggest brands like Google, Microsoft, Facebook , Deloitte, Cargill and many more. She is passionate about neuroscience, mindfulness, travel and entrepreneurship. That’s why her business retreats in paradise Bali make the impact that no other programs do. By working with Yulia and her team, you’ll get clarity, strategy and a holistic success you aspire.
Tj Power

Performance Psychologist & University Lecturer, Exeter University

I am a Performance Psychologist and Lecturer currently completing my MSc in Sport and Clinical Psychology with Neuroscience. My work involves educating people on how to utilise meditation practices to promote emotional well-being and optimise performance. I deliver meditation training programmes both in person and online within business, sport and educational environments. This training involves strengthening peoples relationships with their own mind, enhancing their awareness of anxious and depressive thinking patterns and developing strategies that enable them to more readily cope with the inevitable challenges faced in todays fast paced technological society.
let’s reset accelerates business growth by shifting culture to shift performance We believe that the future driver of success is combining commercial delivery with people’s wellbeing and resilience to create new norms. The current coronavirus is challenging everyone to create a new norm and reset the workplace, we are helping businesses pivot their goals and create new cultures and ways of working that last forever not just the next 90 days
Simon Long

Partnerships Director, innovision

Bella Somerset

Founder and Director, Bella's Magic Mountains

Adam Getty

HR Manager, HC-ONE

Tim Sayers

Owner, TeamsComeFirst

After over thirty years in various corporate roles, the last ten years have been spent in leadership & team development where I have been fortunate, in working with some great organisations and some truly amazing people. However in the last year I decided to branch out on my own, as I could see there needed to be more, much more than the mainstream learning & development offerings. When I reflected on my corporate experiences and looked at many of the clients I've been working with, there was one common denominator, and that is, that people need to first understand themselves better and then get busy on investing the time in getting to understand the people around them better. (Which in too many companies is a big ask!) That is where I now spend my time, working with individuals & teams to be build their self awareness (Emotional Intelligence) and team awareness to improve psychological safety, team cohesion & business performance. By going back to basics and developing the skills & behaviours to be more effective leaders & managers, we are on the way to improving the happiness, well being and mental health of the communities that we live and work in. My calling is to help people be the very best version of themselves and my passion is to use nature & the outdoors as a transformational tool to help people reconnect.
Anna Sofat

Founder and CEO , Addidi Wealth Lts

Dr Julia Jones (Dr Rock)

Author / CEO, The Music Diet & Found in Music

I read my first music neuroscience article in 1992 while studying psychology. Since then I've continued to use these principles and techniques to help clients harness the power of music in life and business. Over the past 25 years I've worked with elite athletes, celebrities, cities, governments and leading organisations in the private and public sectors. I published my first book The Music Diet in 2019 to bring 40+ years of music and wellbeing research together into one simple read. The Music Diet workplace wellbeing programme will be launched in October 2019 and Music At Work Week will promote the benefits of music in the workplace (Nov 25 to Dec 1).
Jaz Thompson

Co Founder, Clinical Psychologist, Let's Reset

I am the Co-Founder of Let's Reset, along side my mum, Suki Thompson! I have graduated from the University of Exeter with a First Class Master of Science Degree, in Applied Clinical Psychology where I, in addition became qualified as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP). I hope this platform is able to get people and organisations to ensure employee wellbeing is a priority in the workplace.