Kimberley Solari

Founder and CEO of Stay On Key Ltd., Stay On Key Ltd.
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About Kimberley Solari

My expertise is putting the body's unique 'on key'. As a Reiki Master and Vibrational Sound healer for over 17 years each and every client, be that a man, woman or child, became an instrument of research. Our bodies emits our own unique symphony into the atmosphere every nano second of our lives. This symphony becomes 'off key' when our emotions become overwhelmed and it changes our personality which then also becomes overwhelmed. This is called dis-at-ease within the body. Dis-at-ease = disease meaning that it can manifest mental health issues, cancers, diabetes to name but a few. I know this may sound incredulous but I can assure you that everything I state here today is true. By having an 'on key' body you will be emotionally stronger to be your true self and reach for the stars. I am the author of Your Health Is Your Only Wealth. I also run my own private practice where I see clients daily so my research continues and so does my success rate.


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