Let's Check in with Dr Fiona Mason & Claudia Collingbourne

Dr Fiona Mason, a Forensic Psychiatrist, talks to Claudia Collingbourne from Let's Reset about coping strategies for business leaders during the current pandemic, how to spot potential mental health issues and support their teams to overcome the challenges they have all been facing and thrive.

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Dr Mason https://www.drfionamason.com/ talks about how business leaders can enable their teams to cope during the coronavirus and as we move into the successive phases of normality. She believes leaders should ensure they themselves are ok first so that they can understand their circle of influence and where and how they can make a difference to their teams. She questions the validity of some current business practices and offers new takes on old ways to enhance personal wellbeing and contribute to business performance.

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Claudia Collingbourne

Business Strategist Partner, Let's Reset

As a marketing practitioner, I have worked for world leading agency groups Y&R and DMB&B, and also client side for SouthEastern Grocers in the United States. I founded two successful agency businesses before becoming an independent consultant working for a breadth of businesses in the UK and USA, and then with Oystercatchers, where I met Suki Thompson. Wellbeing has been at the heart of what I have done throughout my life: as a family mentor for Barnardo's children's charity; in my unique blog www.lydialoves50.com which aims to empower women in their 50's; and in my mood-enhancing scented candle business. I have joined Let's Reset as I hope we can help to empower as many people as possible to bring their true selves to work, to find wellbeing and job satisfaction in the workplace and to strive for a balanced work and home life. We all deserve to be happy!
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