How to keep evolving during lockdown Jamie-Lee Job restaurant Director, Summerhouse.

4th July sees the opening of restaurants and bars in England. Jamie-Lee talks to Suki about the challenges of re-opening her restaurant with new menus, new chefs and a social distancing customer experience. As well as her long journey from a almost fatal car accident to her life now.

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The Summerhouse  is built into beautiful cliffs, overlooking the breathtaking Perranporth beach in Cornwall.  It certainly boasts extraordinary views and a new team and Chefs to open the restaurant again on July 4th. Jamie-Lee talks candidly about the challenges that she and her family have faced during Covid-19 as owners of 3 of the most fabulously located restaurants and bars in Cornwall. She talks about her horrific car accident as a 7 year old, how she has lived with the impact of a brain injury and the bullying she faced at her first school and at Cardiff University. She also shares how the support of her family, netball team, friends and Truro High School made her the successful business woman she is today. 

If you are impacted by some of the issues in this interview, please get in touch and we can signpost you to help and support. 

You may find the following helplines/websites helpful. 

National Bullying Helpline

Brain Injury Association

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