How to pivot during Covid-19 with Jeny and Rosy Nevard

Jaz Thompson talks to Jeny Nevard who is a yoga instructor, and Rosy Nevard, her sister, who is a dancer and runs a dance company called Both have pivoted their businesses and are now offering online classes during the Coronavirus.

Rosy and Jeny are sisters. They talk about living and connecting with family during the coronavirus. Jeny shares how she is building her yoga training practice on-line and is responsible for getting all of Jaz and Suki's broader family together through her daily yoga lesson. 

Rosy openly shares the challenge of being a SME owner- How she is going to try and rebuild her business in the future and the challenge it has been to be a professional dancer at this time. Jeny tells Jaz how she has prepared for this type of life over the past few years, living in India, learning to be a yoga teacher, meditating and communicating virtually and how she quite content and enjoys this quiet and slower pace of life.  

This warm, open and honest conversation gives us a great insight into how young people in their twenties are working, being creative and emotionally facing this time during the coronavirus.