How to reset after a life in professional cricket.

Excuse the couple of moments when we lose signal, Nashy is abroad. But keep going, it's worth the wait! 

In this interview Suki and Nashy (as he's better known) talk about his career in cricket and the many mental health challenges he faced. He discusses how those experiences changed his life, for better and for worse and how he has written about them in his new book 'Bails and Boardrooms. Finally, he chats about the session he is running at our POWER UP festival on 26th January. 

Listen to Nashy and Sir Andrew Strauss OBE at our POWER UP  festival - 

What role does culture play in helping teams perform? What can business learn from professional sport when it comes to leading people, teams and organisations?

Sir Andrew Strauss is hailed as one of the greatest English cricketers of all time. He now runs a company specialising in using performance psychology to help individuals and teams to improve performance and wellbeing. David Nash is one of Middlesex's best-loved cricketers. In ten short years after cricket, he has built a business that has already raised over £20 million for charities across the UK. He will shortly launch his autobiography, Bails and Boardrooms, the story of how cricket changed his life, for better and for worse.

To pre-order a copy of Nashy's book, go to Bails and Boardrooms. The book has already had rave reviews. Business leader Penny Hughes CBE, reviewed the book recently. 'An engaging story with real lessons from a life well-lived. Everyone can pick up a tip or two and reflect with the same honesty about what it takes to taste success, to get through the harder moments in life and ultimately be happy in your own skin. Both Bails and Boardrooms would benefit from a few more like Nashy!'