Let’s Check-in with Andre Ryan aka @dre3zy, Instagram lifestyle and travel influencer

@dre3zy built his Instagram following through travel, so when this was banned in lock down adaptation was key to success. Andre is talking to Megan Moseley, Content and Marketing Assistant at Let’s Reset.

Covid-19 has made businesses across the board adapt and for Instagram influencers it has been no different. Andre offers an inspirational insight into how a young influencer has not let lock down slow his business and follower growth; with @dre3zy even reaching a milestone following during lock down 2.0. I spoke to him about how he’s adapted his content, remained positive and his techniques for mental wellbeing during Covid-19. With the followers of @dre3zy ever growing I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Andre. 

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over 1 year ago

Great interview, Megan. It was fascinating to hear how an influencer like Andre creates content and has grown his following through Covid-19.