Let's Check - in with Dale Naylor, DJN Physios & Claudia Collingbourne, Business Strategist, let's reset

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Claudia Collingbourne from Let's Reset talks to Dale Naylor of DJN Physios http://djnphysioslondon.co.uk/ about thriving physically and mentally working in an environment not set up for it - home. Dale combines his real-life experience of year-long isolation on a yacht, with his 15 year tenure as physio to the Pakistan cricket team and expert knowledge of the mechanics of the human body to help us reach peak productivity and build personal resilience, so important during this pandemic. Some of his top tips include dealing with 'space invaders' and the 'biggles' exercise!

Claudia Collingbourne

Business Strategist Partner, Let's Reset

As a marketing practitioner, I have worked for world leading agency groups Y&R and DMB&B, and also client side for SouthEastern Grocers in the United States. I founded two successful agency businesses before becoming an independent consultant working for a breadth of businesses in the UK and USA, and then with Oystercatchers, where I met Suki Thompson. Wellbeing has been at the heart of what I have done throughout my life: as a family mentor for Barnardo's children's charity; and more recently via my alter ego as blogger 'Lydialoves50' where I aim to empower women in their 50s. I am just launching my debut book as a blogger 'From Menopause anxiety to Kick-Ass Confidence. 8 Strategies to Help You Get There' in association with Let's Reset and available from 4 September 2020. It addresses this unique type of anxiety caused by hormone imbalances and exacerbated by a tsunami of external forces, and gives women 8 life-enhancing strategies to overcome it and thrive again. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Menopause-Anxiety-Kick-Ass-Confidence-Strategies-ebook/dp/B08GLLDSHS/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=from+menopause+anxiety+to+kick-ass+confidence&qid=1599210515&sr=8-1 I have taken this yet further and created a unique workshop for Let's Reset on overcoming the challenges of the menopause in the workplace. With 4m women experiencing symptoms of the menopause, most of whom work, this is a subject affecting more people than we think. Employers, women and men can learn more about it to get the very best out of everyone in their work teams. I have joined Let's Reset as I hope we can help to empower as many people as possible to bring their true selves to work, to find wellbeing and job satisfaction in the workplace and to strive for a balanced work and home life. We all deserve to be happy!
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