let's reset Workshop: Emotional engagement - your new secret weapon

Emotionally connecting with your people is not only necessary during the Coronavirus pandemic, it is vital and could be your secret weapon to your current and future company survival (1.5 hour workshop online, available NOW)

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The workshop discusses what we mean by staying emotionally connected to your employees when they are working remotely, it will help you make employees feel that you are not simply checking up on them every time you call, but will help you find the best balance to enable them work at their very best. It will help you use the most effective language to get your employees to be honest about their wellbeing and talk about the pitfalls to avoid losing employee trust and engagement with remote workers and employees that are furloughed,  at this critical time.

 Facilitated by Let's Resetters: David Beeney, Mental Health Expert & Suki Thompson, CEO/Founder let's reset. 

To help businesses during the coronavirus we are offering some of our workshops for FREE.  This interactive workshop is run online, it lasts 1.5 hours and is available now. 

To find out more about our let's reset workshops, drop us a note at contact@letsreset.com or call Suki on +447957208040 @letsreset1 

Helen Gorman

Partner, let's reset

Helen spent over 20 years as a client running marketing and leading marketing teams in FTSE 100 companies. A highly driven strategic, commercial, & transformational business leader with a strong legacy of commercial, creative & team success. A proven track record of delivering growth for some of the UKs most iconic Brands & businesses: Robinsons, Fruit Shoot, Lucozade, Ribena, Kodak. More recently Helen has led marketing transformation programmes in Post Office, M&S, Macmillan Caner Support, TGI Fridays & Landmark group (Dubai). Helen brings creativity and a talent for developing and managing high performing business teams and getting the best out of leading creative agency partners with a real focus on customer and commercial delivery. One of her early observations in her late twenties was how to look after herself in roles demanding commercial growth in what were tough, challenging and at times, stressful businesses. Building her own resilience has been both a key focus and enabler. Helen is passionate about changing how we and the next generation work to focus on our resilience and wellbeing to allow ourselves and our businesses to grow in a more balanced way.
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