'Why talking to other women has given me the courage to speak out' Shannie Mears, Co-Founder & Head Talent, The Elephant Room, Creator, Girls Let's Talk

Congratulations to Shannie who won Champion for Change/Industry Influencer at the Oystercatchers awards last night .

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Shannie is passionate, powerful and is driving the diversity agenda in the UK. She talks openly here with our Founder, Suki Thompson about the impact of Black Lives Matter on her and business, The Elephant Room and  why she set up the Girl's Let's Talk network and how we should talk and think about race.

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If you want to understand some of the challenges of race and discrimination in the marketing industry and in relation to brands, watch this interview. Suki and Shannie's talk honestly and directly about the difference between words and action. Why this has become the moment for cultural change in our businesses, brands and agencies and how challenging it is to make something change, rather than just shout about it. She also talks about the influence, affection and inspiration she gets from her Mum and why talking to other women has given her the courage to speak out. 

Shanice (Shannie)  is Co-Founder & Head Talent, The Elephant Room, Creator Girls Let's Talk and is on the Race Disparity Advisory Board, and is a Girl's Talk London Ambassador.

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