Tip from a Monk

By Yulia Stark, founder FAB academy & European Women Association.

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During these challenging times, awareness is everything. Sharing with you what I've learned from a Buddhist Monk in Bali last year. Feel free to reach out if you need any support.

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Yulia Stark

President European Women Association, European Women Association

Yulia, the founder of FAB (Femininity And Business) academy, helped thousands of women to start up their business based on their passion. She is an author & international speaker worldwide: from New deli India, United States, London and all over Europe. Yulia is the executive board member of the international business conference WinTrade London, connecting world leaders and executives, creating a positive impact worldwide. She works with the biggest brands like Google, Microsoft, Facebook , Deloitte, Cargill and many more. She is passionate about neuroscience, mindfulness, travel and entrepreneurship. That’s why her business retreats in paradise Bali make the impact that no other programs do. By working with Yulia and her team, you’ll get clarity, strategy and a holistic success you aspire.
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over 1 year ago

Love this, Thanks Yulia. I'm dreaming of being in Bali