What Mario Andretti and the CEO of Centaur have in common…

Swag Mukerji CEO Centaur Media Plc talks to Suki Thompson, Founder Let's Reset

 ‘If you feel in control, you’re not going fast enough,’ the famous racing driver Mario Andretti once said.  

Whilst Swag Mukerji, the CEO of Centaur, isn't a racing driver, he has a very similar philosophy, as I found out recently when I interviewed him for our leadership channel, Perform. I have known and worked with Swag for almost 5 years, since I sold my previous company, Oystercatchers to Centaur Media, but it was great to hear a little more about what drives this very determined and thoughtful CEO. 

Swag’s leadership philosophy is all about stretching himself and others to achieve great things. During our chat, we talked about his upbringing, the prejudice he faced and why he now lives by the motto, ‘Can Do. Will Do. Now’. It’s a fascinating insight into a leader who reveals so much about himself in our short time together. Most remarkably perhaps is his journey towards losing almost 100lbs in weight during lockdown.

Typical for a man who is so focussed and whose renewed interest in his own health now encompasses breath work as part of his wellbeing journey. We also discuss his desire to create an inclusive, open culture at Centaur. The creation of DICE, their development board of volunteers ensures that all staff are represented at board level, and that social , charity, wellbeing and diversity ideas are championed at the highest level. Watch the Extra out-take from the interview for more on this !