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What We Do

Resetting The Workplace

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The Let’s Reset 7 Needs of
Wellbeing & Performance

"If you aren’t keeping are only practising"

We are so often focussed on measuring the KPIs and commercial objectives of our organisation, that we forget to measure the very key to achieving this success and arguably the most important asset of any business...

the energy of our people

The 7 needs of wellbeing & performance framework and test sits at the core of everything we do at Let’s Reset. These 7 needs are the things we all need to look after in order to improve our wellbeing, increase our energy and thrive at work. This unique framework provides a holistic overview of your wellbeing

 It allows you to measure the wellbeing of your people, teams, organisation and acts as a framework to define an action plan to improve for all

The RESET Programme

We deliver a 5 step programme to improve wellbeing, energy and performance

Step 1 enables you to measure and understand your individual, team and organisational wellbeing 

Step 4 capability training to build an open, authentic and kind culture where all can care for their wellbeing and thrive

Steps 2 & 3 define and embed an action plan to increase wellbeing and energy for all

Step 5 membership to LR+ enables you to track progress through the year with a regular dashboard measuring people's wellbeing

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